Pentominoes are excellent
in helping 
young mathematicians
explore concepts in Geometry

as well as develop
Problem Solving skills!


The word “Pentominoes” is a combination of pent and –ominoes, where pent means “five”, and –omino means “all together”.

There are 12 different pentomino shapes, identified by letters of the alphabet:

You can also see how each letter breaks apart into five squares in the image below:


You can use the Red or Rainbow Pentomino kits available at the Durland Alternatives Library, or you can make your own pentominoes! Using paper or cardboard, this is an excellent chance to practice your measuring skills to create each of these 12 shapes and cut them out. Each square is exactly 1 inch x 1 inch, making the area of every pentomino puzzle piece exactly 5 inches2.

Download Pentominos Puzzle Pages!

Goal: Go through each page of the puzzle booklet and try to fill each shape with pentomino pieces with no overlaps or gaps. Many pages have the same shape twice (or even three times): This means that there is more than one way to fill the same shape. Once you solve one shape, leave those pieces there and try to solve the second shape with the remaining pieces.

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