To facilitate the development of a mathematical mindset and successful problem solving skills to help students of individuals of all ages and backgrounds embrace and become empowered by mathematics through dynamic learning opportunities in music, art, science, puzzles, games, engineering, and more.


Who Are We?
Math Engaged is a program of the Durland Alternatives Library, a project partner of the Center for Transformative Action [CTA] [501(c)3] located in Ithaca, NY. Math Engaged is also a proudly endorsed program of the National Math Foundation. We are an organization of passionate, cause-driven individuals who strive to make mathematics more intuitive and empowering for all.

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Center For Transformative Action Durland Alternatives Library National Math Foundation


What We Do
We create engaging learning opportunities for students in small, personalized settings and encourage students to discover their own connections with mathematics by utilizing their own interests and learning styles;

we facilitate natural curiosity for mathematics by creating projects, programs, and events where mathematics is the means of exploration and not the end goal;

we support parents and teachers as guides in children’s mathematical exploration, helping all individuals become a part of the math conversation;

we provide unparalleled, enriching learning opportunities for rising educators to gain first-hand experience in developing the skills necessary for helping students of all ages engage in mathematics;


we encourage all individuals of all ages, all backgrounds, and all relationships of math to engage in mathematical exploration and conversation, veering away from the idea that math is simply a collection of facts and driving towards the understanding of mathematics as a powerful language of our world spoken by all.