Available at the Durland Alternatives Library

Available at the Durland Alternatives Library

The Durland Alternatives Library is home to alternative books, media, and other resources not typically found in regular circulations. The Library's collection includes a variety of topics, including social justice, ecology, transformative action, and now intuitive math education as well! 

The Durland Alternatives Library is a project partner of the Center for Transformative Action (CTA). You can learn more about the Durland Alternatives Library by visiting their site at alternativeslibrary.org


Why offer Math Manipulatives?

It is the mission of Math Engaged to support a rich, meaningful, and empowering math education for students of all ages and backgrounds. We design projects and activities to facilitate the development of a mathematical mindset as well as empower students to engage their own hand and mind in the world around them, making learning a life-long endeavor.

By offering our top-recommended games, books, and manipulatives through the Durland Alternatives Library, it is our mission to support parents and educators in bringing hands-on math exploration to students's education, free of charge. By using the Math Engaged resources available at the Alternatives Library, it is our hope that students of all ages can explore mathematics through engaging and creative means, making mathematics more accessible, more relevant to the child's interests, and more empowering to all of the child's interests and academic endeavors.


So what's available at the Durland Alternatives Library?


Read-Along Books, for exploring math creatively with your child:

  • The Best of Times: Math Strategies That Multiply, by Greg Tang
  • Math Fables: Lessons that Count, by Greg Tang
  • The Grapes of Math: Mind Stretching Math Riddles, by Greg Tang
  • Math Potatoes: Mind-Stretching Brain Food, by Greg Tang
  • Freddy Fibonacci's Awful Allowance, by Soozy Koontz
  • Numbers on the Move, by Teresa Benzwie
  • Fun with Roman Numerals, by David A. Adler
  • One Hundred Ways To Get To 100, by Jerry Pallotta


Strategic Games & Logic Puzzles, for developing in-depth reasoning and problem solving skills:

  • Pentago
  • Othello
  • Quarto
  • Rush Hour


Number Games, for developing strong number fluency,

  • Sequence: Num6ers
  • S'Math
  • Make 7
  • Flip 4
  • Make a Pie! A Simple Game of Fractions
  • Telling Time Bingo
  • Spin, Spend, Earn by Crayola Rocket Minds


Number Matching Manipulatives, for younger children to begin learning entry level mathematics, 

  • Match It! Math
  • Match It! Number
  • Match It! Addition
  • Match It! Subtraction
  • Match It! Money
  • My First Picture Dominoes


Visual Perception Games & Manipulatives, for developing spatial reasoning skills and pattern recognition,

  • Korner'd
  • Set
  • Blink
  • Melissa & Doug Tangrams Kit
  • Tangoes Jr.
  • Puzzlelations: Snowflakes
  • Puzzlelations: Dinosaurs
  • Magic Mosaic


Math Tools, for aiding students of all ages and all needs!

  • Base Ten Number Concept Set
  • First Multiplier Vintage Times Table Tool
  • Tri-Ominoes
  • Imaginarium Abacus
  • Think Math!: a collective kit of essential math tools and manipulatives
  • Spirograph Deluxe Set (wonderful for discussing division as well as art!)


All of these materials are available for check-out!

Materials available through the Durland Alternatives Library are distributed through the Finger Lakes Library System, including all of the Math Engaged materials listed here.

You can also learn more about unique manipulatives available at the Library by clicking here.

Visit the Durland Alternatives Library or peruse the Finger Lakes Library System to explore the Math Engaged collection and check-out your favorite games and tools to bring mathematical engagement to your home!


Questions, Comments, Ideas?

Have these materials been helpful for you and your child?

Are there books or other math tools that you would like to see available to the community?

Do you have other ideas or feedback?

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