Math Days

Math Days

Math Days and Math Nights are free and fun events for children and parents to explore and learn mathematics together! By exploring mathematics through games, puzzles, building blocks, reading, music, art, and more, students and their entire families engage in playful explorations and thought-provoking challenges in the world of logic and mathematics.


**Update August 2022**

We are excited to announce that Math Engaged and the Ithaca College Math Department will be hosting the 2022 Community Math Day on

Saturday, November 5th, 2022
at Williams Hall, 3rd Floor, Ithaca College.


The events invites students grades K-5 and their entire families to engage in creative math exploration through activities including:


Math Board Games & Visual Perception Puzzles
Logic Puzzles and Challenging Board Games
Math Read-Together Books
Building Blocks
Marshmallow Geometry!


What Are Math Days All About?

Many students – and parents too! – associate “math” with “numbers”, and Math Days are about discovering that mathematics is actually about exploration, creativity, reasoning, and problem solving.

By working together with their parents in a family learning environment, children are empowered in each activity to discover themselves where the math is found in music, art, science, nature, puzzles, and more. Math Days also provide resources and ideas for families to take home in order to facilitate children’s continued math exploration beyond the classroom.


What Types of Activities are at Math Days?

Math Days offer a whole variety of activities running simultaneously, allowing students and parents to explore each station at their own pace and dive deeply into mathematical exploration! Some of the favorite activities include:

Logic Board Games & Puzzles, where students are encouraged to think carefully about the strategy involved in accomplishing their goals;

Marshmallow Geometry”, where students experiment building different structures with toothpicks and marshmallows to learn about shapes, angles, and how to engineer stronger structures;

Art, where students engage in origami, spirograph, tessellations, and more to explore concepts in geometry while also developing spatial reasoning skills;

Music, where students can gain a deeper, more intuitive understanding of fractions and patterns by tapping into their natural rhythmic intuition;

Computer Science, where students can learn the core concepts of computer programming and the algorithmic mindset of successful coding;

Free Building Blocks Play, where students simply dive in and let their imagination create their own challenges, developing their spatial reasoning skills and engineering ingenuity while simply playing and creating;

Reading Corner, where parents and their children together can explore creative, fun stories written to help students of mathematics develop  stronger number sense and learn new fun facts of mathematics,

and still more!


Want to offer Math Days at your school and for your community?

Math Engaged can help any school in any state launch their own Math Days! Contact us for ideas and support on how to organize the event, prepare and host activities, and engage families in creative mathematical learning!


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